Photographer: Bichito

I was born too many years ago in a corner from the European ‘finisterrae’, in the place where, as they say, all the paths end. I grew up in Caracas, a city that smells of rotten fruit. That is my inheritance: the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Of both I retained the belief that we are aquatic animals and we must accept that the drift is the unique possible destiny, maybe the unique categorical truth. I make photos because I stopped writing. The photos are always an atavic and smaller form of writing. I am an amateur and don’t believe in my ‘ars fotografica’. The photos never bark, the photos never smell, never resonate. The photos are never written words.


Mara Mures (Sapanta) #2



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3 responses to “Photographer: Bichito

  1. billy

    such beautiful words, jose… the images are so powerful… most of which i’m familiar with but i can appreciate them no matter how many times i see them.

    thank you, tom

  2. Josè is one of my favourite talented photographers of all time.
    He is a true artist and his style and composition continue to amaze me.

  3. Bichito’s art is outstanding. I was really impressed by it since the very first time I could see his photos (not very long ago). Reading his words I can confirm now there’s a powerful mind behind his pictures. It could not be another way.
    An incredibly human artist. That’s the only thing I can say now about him.

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