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Photographer : Minαs

“If someone showed me my pictures, back when I was taking photography lessons, I would say that they are all crap. I mean, what’s with all the cropping and post processing and the murder of shooting in analog and then act all digital on them. It’s a Bresson-ic nightmare. There were always rules back then for me, that took all the fun away and really didn’t lead to the comprehension of light, imagery and most of all, these rules had nothing to do with the human condition. Once I let my aesthetics to give in to the dark side, I was reborn. I have to thank some great flickr artists for that. I came to realize that the photographic image is all about the impact it has to psyche. I don’t owe anything to the art as an external factor but to myself, to make my pictures closer to how I feel they should be. I want to constantly experiment on different things I set my mind to, or I try to hideously rip off my favorite photographers, filtering them in my lens and keyboard. But most of all, I love taking photos. I really don’t know if I have a distinctive style, maybe not, but at least I don’t think I am faking it.”


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